November 13, 2019

What are the most popular & best grow tent sizes?

Are you looking for the most popular and best grow tent sizes? We've selected the very best grow tents from the best manufacturers. These amazing grow tents are each very popular for each specific need and goal.

One should always remember that tent size is significantly important for plant yield. Likewise, your tent size contributes to a proportion of how you should expect your results.

The main contributors to plant yield are lighting, temperature, feeding, environment but these factors are also dependent on tent size. If you have too short of a grow tent, it is possible that your plant will hit the grow light at the top, causing all sorts of issues. If your grow tent isn't wide enough for your number of plants, then you will have humidity and mold issues, as your circulation will be negatively effected. As an example of how you need to think about size and accessories, one of the factors in determining the number and location of temperature and humidity sensors should be the tent size.

We must admit that some of the challenges we need to consider in growing plants in a grow tent is the number and kind of plants we can sustain given the size of the tent. With so many options how do we choose the right grow tent size? If you are not sure what size of tent you should invest in we would like to introduce our most popular tent sizes and how each tent size is best for every objective.

2′ x 4′ x 6’7″ Adjustable Height Grow Tents

This tent size is ideal if you are just starting small. It can sustain two to three mature plants that can grow up to 4-5 feet tall from the pot. This tent will give you zero light leaks if you want complete darkness in the nighttime. This is perfect for starters that would like to develop this new hobby but don’t have a big space for it yet. It is important not to overcrowd the plants in a small place since the more plants in your grow tent, the more living organisms present will constantly compete to have enough space, light, and air to breathe. We don’t want to oversaturate the living organisms present in the tent and in the end, don’t have enough resources for them to survive. This tent comes with a free 12″ height extension kit.
If you want your grow tent to be taller, you can simply adjust the height!

2′ x 4′ x 6’7″ Adjustable Height Grow Tent

4′ x 8′ x 6’7″ Adjustable Height Grow Tents

The size of the grow tent is the very first and most important issue that needs to be decided on when planning for an indoor garden. This grow tent is very convenient and popular since it can fit up to three to five mature plants. You would easily prefer this type of tent when growing plants in your home since you can grow more plants and at the same time easily control everything with this grow tent. Controlling pests remains to be an issue if we grow plants but using this regular-sized grow tent you can easily control your environment and expect a greater yield. This grow tent is height adjustable to increase your yield and plant size of up to 2X!

4′ x 8′ x 6’7″  Adjustable Height Grow Tents

4' x 4' Adjustable Height Grow Tents

We definitely can relate that growing plants can be quite addicting especially after the success of your first grow tent plant. That’s why you need to sustain your need using a larger tent size. This grow tent size can sustain up to 7 to 9 plants. The larger the room the more you can sustain more types of plants thus, this tent size is ideal for production. This grow tent size is one of the most popular since you can actually produce more using this tent. It is not too small and not too big, it is the perfect size! This tent has adjustable extension poles allowing you to increase the height of your grow tent from 6′ 7″ to 7′ 7″.

4' x 4'  Adjustable Height Grow Tents

5′ x 9′, 6' x 11'' Adjustable Height Grow Tents

This large grow tent will guarantee convenience, flexibility, and assurance. You can be flexible with this type of tent and split test plants under different environments or feeding schedules. This large grow tent allows room for more customization. This is the most popular tent size for serious growers out there. This grow tent can fit up to 12 plants and comes with a free 12″ height extension kit giving you more reasons to be flexible.

 5′ x 9′, 6' x 11'' Adjustable Height Grow Tents


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