March 23, 2018

Cannabis Growing Automation Tools for 2018

Are you an advanced grower, or simply a data nerd looking to have the latest and greatest automation tools for growing? Then you'll enjoy this article, where we layout the best cannabis growing automation kits and tools for 2018 and beyond. The following devices use microprocessors, algorithms, machine learning, monitoring sensors, and other super cool stuff to nerd out about. Let's get started!

1. Wadsworth Control Systems for Cannabis Grows



Seed Greenhouse Control


Meet the brains behind your operation. Built to manage the sophisticated cannabis environment, controls light levels, CO2, light dep, irrigation, cooling and heating for up to eight zones.
Partner with our Satellite control to make it even more powerful. VersiSTEP offers powerful integration for your complex growing environment.

Sophisticated sensors offer precision control:

  • light levels
  • CO2
  • humidity
  • temperature
  • cooling
  • heating

STEPsaver Software

Add the convenience of remote access to your environmental control allowing you to manage your greenhouse and monitor conditions from your Smartphone or computer. STEPsaver provides a single view of all of your greenhouse zones and offers advanced data logging and analysis tools to help you manage your crop.

Wadsworth Video:


2. Grownetics




Full CEA Facility Optimization, Process Automation, Task Management, Real Time Multi-Site Monitoring & Analytics


Real Time 3D Crop Monitoring. Middleware allows you to connect any sensor you desire. Temperature, humidity, PAR, CO2, pH, EC, Dissolved Oxygen, Water Flow, and more.


Crop Driven Automation. Integrate all facility sub-systems into the most powerful and dynamic CEA automation and hardware monitoring platform.


Batch Management & Analytics. Optimize grow operations with batch management, individual plant tracking, full facility analytics, quality control, and audit scheduling.



Even though they are not specifically for the cannabis space, we give a very honorable mention to the team at and their efforts to bringing hydroponics to the communities that need it most.




Ponos is a mobile app for hydroponics. ISABEL collaborated with the United Nations World Food Program and award-winning architect, Antonio Scarponi, residents of the Costa Azul community – to develop a mobile web platform that empowers residents of WFP countries to build and operate low-cost hydroponics systems. PONOS provides users illustrated and video tutorials for systems construction, communication channels to a global network of experts and a local trading system to enable users to develop an alternative source of income.



The World's First Augmented Operating System.



PlantVision™ - By combining vision, environment, and plant data, we can now grow more with less using AI. The number of greenhouses currently on the planet will double in the next 5 years. Intelligent Automation for Controlled Environments is the future. By collaborating with the most innovative companies and organizations we can provide anyone in any language the power of a master grower.


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