October 15, 2019

Can you put a grow tent outside?

Yes, you certainly can put a grow tent outside!

Maybe you don't have the ability to grow indoors, but perhaps you can grow in a wooded area on your property.  Here are some quick tips if you're going to grow cannabis or hemp (or even veggies):

  • Use a durable, high quality tent, or if you use a cheaper tent with lower quality canvas, then be sure to reinforce it with duct tape or similar
  • Ensure your tent is secured down with stakes or some sort of foundation to the ground or something stable. The last thing you want is a rogue strong wind pushing over your tent.
  • Keep your tent free of holes and shut as much as possible, as being outdoors, you're likely to get some unfriendly bugs
  • Be proactive about bugs and try releasing ladybugs and grasshoppers in the tent right after setup

What's a possible cool benefit of having your grow tent outside? It can double as a camping tent, and the grow lights will probably keep you warm at night! (if you're on a night cycle that is)



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