October 14, 2019

Can your grow tent catch fire?

You're not alone if you're worried about the possibility of a fire in your grow tent. You basically have all the ingredients for a random fire... a high temp light (unless you're using LED - Light Emitting Diode - even my LEC - Light Emitting Ceramic is not too hot, but likely could start a fire, I bet even an LED could, but much less likely), usually some dry material (leaves, cloth, the tent itself), and electricity. It's all a dangerous mix if not carefully planned out and checked often, we recommend twice a day, or setup remote cameras to view your grow. You should also have a fire extinguisher in the room or very close.

Are grow tents flammable?

Yes, although it varies. A higher quality grow tent from a reputable U.S. company like Gorilla Grow Tents are likely built of a thicker more durable canvas material, which is possibly more resistant to catching fire, compared to a low quality thin plastic/vinyl tent from a no-name company. Don't only think of the grow tent being flammable, but also ask yourself... how could a fire start in my grow tent? Is my light far enough away from any dry strings or towels or paper? Is my light secure to the frame of the tent, so that it will not fall and possibly create sparks and fire?

Other precautions for fire safety and grow tents:

  • Use a high quality extension cord and wiring
  • Secure light to the frame of the grow tent, and perhaps other places if your grow tent cannot support the weight of your light
  • Do not use ancient ballasts or light setups that are not UL certified or of unknown quality
  • Keep flammables away from the light, and where the light could land if it falls
  • Flammables could be cloth, wood, some plastics, and even the plants themselves


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