The Best Grow Tent Guide Ever – Grow Tent Essentials

Congratulations, you just found the best grow tent guide on the internet. We'll be your friend on this journey of growth and discovery, and hopefully help reduce your growing mistakes and questions! Join us below for the essential grow tent info... Grow Tent Buying Guide When shopping for a grow tent, you have to keep in mind a few items. This first is your budget, the second is your height, and the third is your width. Your best bet is likely to figure out your…

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Big Grow Tents for the High Yield Grower

Are you looking to yield tons in a large space? If so, you'll need a big tent to enclose your mini-environment for cannabis. Let's start with the sizing... when we think BIG grow tent, we think you want at least the size of a large garage, perhaps a full bedroom or living room size. That puts you in the market for a large 5 x 9 ft Gorilla grow tent, or perhaps two 5 x 5 Apollo tents. It's really a tossup, the Apollo's are…

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The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Plant Training

Do you wish to twirl your magic wand and increase the yields from your cannabis plant? Thy wish is granted! Smart Grow Tents brings you an ultimate guide to enhance your cannabis plant yield by training your plants. I am sure the first question that may have popped in your mind is- What is plant training? Training in any form of teaching something to someone. In this case, plant training means teaching (manipulating) your plants physically, so they grow more bud sites eventually resulting in…

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10 Tips for Growing Top Shelf Weed in a Grow Tent

At least once, you must have come across a friend who brags about his/her quality of cannabis. The one that grows the dank. Out of curiosity, you may have even tried to check their honesty level. Top-shelf weed is hard to come by, but you will know it when you smoke it. Now, it’s time for you to brag about your cannabis. Why? Smart Grow Tents is revealing the top 10 secrets of growing prime quality top-shelf weeds, right at home. So, where are the…

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Lowest Height Grow Tents – The Best Short Grow Tents

Often, when growing in a confined space and aiming to grow cannabis that has a low growth height (generally indica strains are shortest), then you will want to explore your low height grow tent options. Explore our Most Popular Low Height Grow Tents Gorilla Grow Tents - The Gorilla Lite Line and others have relatively low heights compared to Lighthouse Tents, Apollo, and most other reputable brands we have reviewed. The Gorilla Lines come with 12-inch height extensions to increase height when needed or keep…

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Essentials for Making Your Grow Tent Smell Proof

If you're looking to hide your hobby from the nosy neighbors, we can help. With proper pressure, ventilation, and tent, you can have a stealth smell proof grow that even hides the most pungent strains during flowering.   Let's start with the Best Grow Tent Pressure Every grow tent should have negative pressure. This basically means your tent should have more air going out than coming in, creating a vacuum of sorts. A properly pressured and ventilated tent will have the fabric and doors etc suck…

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