Lowest Height Grow Tents – The Best Short Grow Tents

Often, when growing in a confined space and aiming to grow cannabis that has a low growth height (generally indica strains are shortest), then you will want to explore your low height grow tent options. Explore our Most Popular Low Height Grow Tents Gorilla Grow Tents - The Gorilla Lite Line and others have relatively low heights compared to Lighthouse Tents, Apollo, and most other reputable brands we have reviewed. The Gorilla Lines come with 12-inch height extensions to increase height when needed or keep…
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Essentials for Making Your Grow Tent Smell Proof

If you're looking to hide your hobby from the nosy neighbors, we can help. With proper pressure and ventilation, you can have a stealth smell proof grow that even hides the most pungent strains during flowering.   Let's start with the Best Grow Tent Pressure Every grow tent should have negative pressure. This basically means your tent should have more air going out than coming in, creating a vacuum of sorts. A properly pressured and ventilated tent will have the fabric and doors etc suck in…
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The Best Grow Tent Fans & Grow Fan Setup Guide

Hi fellow grow nerds! We're glad you are high enough to join us for this comprehensive article on grow tent fans.  Why are we writing this article? Because we see far too many incorrectly oriented grow tent fan setups, using unnecessarily expensive commercial or house fans, and/or not enough fan airflow. The different types of grow tent fans include inline fans (which go inside your tent ducting system) Inline grow tent fans are the most efficient and effective way to properly regulate temperature and airflow…
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The Best 5 Gallon Bucket Hydro Grow System

If you're looking for a high quality and quick no bs hydro grow bucket setup, look no further than Amazon. They have an affordable kit with great reviews that we've previously used with for a grow with some great yield. Why a 5 gallon grow bucket? It's the perfect size for the plant to grow a fat root base as well as keep sufficient amount of water bubbling away. What is DWC? Deep water culture. These grow buckets Why this grow bucket kit? As a key…
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The Truth about “Complete” Grow Tent Kits

Guess what? We're not huge fans of everything grow tent related. In fact, we hate a certain section of the market. Yup, hate. It's the kits. Not all are bad, as i'm sure there are some amazing high end Gorilla, Phresh, "insert high end name brand here" kits that blow away any setup you can come up with yourself. But, the vast majority suck. Yup, suck. Complete Grow Tent Kits Suck Reason 1: First off, they are never fully "complete" You'll have to get something…
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