Big Grow Tents for the High Yield Grower

Are you looking to yield tons in a large space? If so, you'll need a big tent to enclose your mini-environment for cannabis. Let's start with the sizing... when we think BIG grow tent, we think you want at least the size of a large garage, perhaps a full bedroom or living room size. That puts you in the market for a large 5 x 9 ft Gorilla grow tent, or perhaps two 5 x 5 Apollo tents. It's really a tossup, the Apollo's are…

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The Ultimate Guide to Pot Sizes for Weed Plants

Here we're doing this the smart way and cutting out the bs to show and tell you why you only need a few solutions for the best pot size for your weed plants. Pot size is overhyped and often overpaid, we've ripped out enough living male plants and examined their root size/structure to determine the information provided below. First off, if you're doing soil, use fabric pots, a.k.a. "smart" pots or air pots. They both allow for premium aeration compared to plastic, clay, or other…

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The Definitive 10×20 Gorilla Grow Tent Review

The Gorilla grow tent with 10 Feet Length by 20 Feet Width is one of the largest grow tents on the market. It's also one of the most expensive. It's also fucking awesomely good quality, like most Gorilla tents. Let's get started on a comprehensive review of this behemoth of a grow tent. About Gorilla Grow Manufacturer: Gorilla is one of the most popular manufacturers of high quality grow tents. Based in Southern California, United States, Gorilla Grow Tent was founded in 2011, by a…

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