The Best Grow Tent Guide Ever – Grow Tent Essentials

Congratulations, you just found the best grow tent guide on the internet. We'll be your friend on this journey of growth and discovery, and hopefully help reduce your growing mistakes and questions! Join us below for the essential grow tent info... Grow Tent Buying Guide When shopping for a grow tent, you have to keep in mind a few items. This first is your budget, the second is your height, and the third is your width. Your best bet is likely to figure out your…

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Big Grow Tents for the High Yield Grower

Are you looking to yield tons in a large space? If so, you'll need a big tent to enclose your mini-environment for cannabis. Let's start with the sizing... when we think BIG grow tent, we think you want at least the size of a large garage, perhaps a full bedroom or living room size. That puts you in the market for a large 5 x 9 ft Gorilla grow tent, or perhaps two 5 x 5 Apollo tents. It's really a tossup, the Apollo's are…

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Ultimate Guide to Watering Cannabis the Right Way

Watering your plant is undeniably a crucial part of the growing process. You care for your plant like you would care your baby. When you want to nurture it perfectly, everything you provide it should be perfect, even the amount of water! Smart grow tents presents the ultimate guide to everything you need to know to water your cannabis the right way. How much water does cannabis plant need? When you water your cannabis make sure you have some runoff water after your pot is…

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Why Do Marijuana Leaves Turn Yellow?

Cannabis growers know the most exciting part of what we do is experimenting and try different means to enhance cannabis plant yield. During the course, we provide nutrients and specific amounts of water. We wait with anticipation to see results. Our biggest dismay is when everything turns out the opposite of expectations--the leaves start turning yellow. Instead of giving a better yield, its quality plummets. What do we do? Let us first have a look at the reasons the leaves could probably turn yellow. pH…

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What type of vegetables can I grow inside of a grow tent?

So you're thinking of growing a variety of vegetables indoors with a grow tent? That's awesome! We're here to help! Let's start with the best vegetables to grow in grow tents. Peppers - green, red, and/or chili peppers can all grow easily in an indoor grow tent, with tremendous yields. We recommend hydroponics for the best results, and 6-8 hours of light cycle per day (although check your seed source for more specific ranges) Cauliflower - cauliflower, and it's healthy green cousin broccoli, are both…

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The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Plant Training

Do you wish to twirl your magic wand and increase the yields from your cannabis plant? Thy wish is granted! Smart Grow Tents brings you an ultimate guide to enhance your cannabis plant yield by training your plants. I am sure the first question that may have popped in your mind is- What is plant training? Training in any form of teaching something to someone. In this case, plant training means teaching (manipulating) your plants physically, so they grow more bud sites eventually resulting in…

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