May 2, 2017

The Truth about "Complete" Grow Tent Kits

Guess what? We're not huge fans of everything grow tent related. In fact, we hate a certain section of the market. Yup, hate. It's the kits. Not all are bad, as i'm sure there are some amazing high end Gorilla, Phresh, "insert high end name brand here" kits that blow away any setup you can come up with yourself. But, the vast majority suck. Yup, suck.

Complete Grow Tent Kits Suck Reason 1:

First off, they are never fully "complete" You'll have to get something yourself, a missing part, a missing timer, missing poles from the no-name chinese-made tent.

Complete Grow Tent Kits Suck Reason 2:

The pricing never really works out. Try comparing it their kit to a similar setup on Amazon, I dare you. Chances are if you have Amazon Prime,  you can get everything in the kit, or an extremely similar setup, for cheaper, with 2-day delivery free shipping. We have some of the best grow kits and components on amazon here.

Common grow kit pricing scams:

  1. Looks like the cheapest kit, but then the shipping + handling is $19.95
  2. Refurbished tent, light and/or fan.
  3. Low-quality no-name brand lights, tent or fan (those are the most expensive parts of a grow tent)
  4. Missing important and expensive parts, such as the lights.


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