Xtreme Gardening RTI RT1350 Azos Nitrogen Fixing Microbes

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Azos is a beneficial microbe that sparks new root development and boosts growth
Azos works by rapidly increasing plant production of iaa (indole-3 acetic acid) - a natural plant hormone, affecting cell division, growth rates, plant and root development
Azos enhances growth by converting atmospheric nitrogen into a usable form available to plant roots

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Azos is a specifically environment friendly agent at the beginning isolated within the Amazon Basin where the loss of soil, the reapid breakdown of any vegetation via hungry microbes, and the environmental stipulations which require enlargement to live on is a basic proposition of the ecosystem. Azos specialised within the highly-environment friendly conversion of the N2 type of nitrogen into plant-to be had NH3 ammoniacal nitrogen. Azos is so environment friendly that between 50% and 70% of the entire nitrogen required via so much crops will also be equipped via this organism. Azos receive advantages to plants isn't restricted nitrogen-fixation on my own. Azos additionally acts as a enlargement simulant, catalyzing the discharge of a natural enlargement hormone in plants. This naturally-released hormone will increase root building and optimized the harvest possible of your garden. In combination, Azos and Mykos work symbiotically to lend a hand bizarre plants turn into Xtreme.

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