Nanolux DE Dual Grow Light System (600Wx2) 240V NCCS Ready Price: $512.00 (as of 13/11/2022 16:41 PST- Details)

Complete System - 6K & 2K Bulbs are included
NCCS ready - DTU and RTU sold separately
Multiple dimming options 300Wx2, 450Wx2, 600Wx2, 630Wx2

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With the New Nanolux DE Dual fixture (600Wx2), we've split our 1200W DE into two 600W lamp outputs. This permits the fixture to run both a 2K DE HPS lamp and our modern double jacketed 6K MH DE lamp, or the optional 4K MH DE lamp (sold one after the other). This dual lamp combination provides a spectrum that may be unequalled by some other existing HID technology currently available on the market. The spectral output of the 6K DE MH lamp together with the 2K DE HPS lamp provides additional blue light that advantages your plant. This fixture provides an excessively comprehensive PAR spectrum at the same time as pumping out 1200W of essentially the most powerful light. Use any combination of DE lamps to create the spectrum the plants desire! This fixture is commercial grade in its design quality and sturdiness. The Nanolux DE Dual Fixture (600Wx2) is NCCS able. NCCS (Nanolux Cloud Keep watch over System) is among the many technologically advanced features offered exclusively by Nanolux. With NCCS, it is possible for you to to Keep watch over as much as 999 lighting fixtures for your computer. Like any Nanolux ballasts, the DE Dual Fixture comes with random get started technology. Random get started uses an set of rules with a purpose to get started the ballast inside a nil-15 second window. This permits for less initial power draw when the use of More than one ballasts.
Complete System - 6K & 2K Bulbs are included
NCCS able - DTU and RTU sold one after the other
More than one dimming options 300Wx2, 450Wx2, 600Wx2, 630Wx2
Slow soft get started, open circuit and coffee voltage protection
Dimensions 13.9"X26.1"X4.1" Weight 17.8 lbs


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