iPower HPS Digital Dimmable Grow Light System Kits Air Cooled Reflector Hood Set

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1000-Watt dimmable digital electronic ballast accept input 110-240-volt(ac); dimmable level 50-Percent, 75-Percent and 100-Percent
1 By 1000-watt super HPS bulb
6-Inch standard air cooled hood


From seeding to flowering, ipower grow mild has your plant coated with the entire mild it's going to ever want. concealed supplies probably the most lumen per buck, which means that probably the most yields in your investment. this kit removes the desire for blending incandescent with fluorescent or further leds that offer little gains at 2 to 3 times the price. the balanced spectrum set of lighting fixtures won't best be smartly-absorbed by plant's chlorophylls, but in addition promotes healthy chlorophyll production and regulates plant life cycle. package comprises: 1x 400w dimmable electronic ballast, 1x 1000w super hps bulb, 6-Inch usual air cool hood, 1x pair of rope ratchets, 1x 24 hour timer. electronic dimmable digital ballast: 120/240 volt supported. automatic convertible: hps and mh bulbs. adjustable power settings: 50-%, 75-% and one hundred-%. usual hydroponic "s" plug. 1x heavy duty power twine. open and short circuit protection. ignition failure protection. finish-of-bulb-life protection. super top pressure.
1000-Watt dimmable digital electronic ballast settle for input 110-240-volt(ac); dimmable level 50-%, 75-% and one hundred-%
1 By 1000-watt super HPS bulb
6-Inch usual air cooled hood
Pair of rope ratchet
24-Hour timer

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