Grodan 1" x 1" Starter Plug Rockwool Hydroponic Grow Media (50 Cubes) (Тhrее Расk) Price: $9.97 (as of 13/11/2022 16:39 PST- Details)

Loose cubes great for germination or cloning
Great for hobby and commecial growers
Ideal for growers that don't want wasted cubes

Usually ships in 24 hours

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Grodan stonewool is understood for its high quality, consistency and function. Every sheet of Grodan Stonewool A-OK Starter Plugs is perfectly-sized to suit an ordinary flat and Every plug has a pre-shaped hole to simply plant seeds and cuttings. Once rooted, gardeners can switch individual A-OK Starter Plugs to greater items of stonewool or plant them instantly in soil. Grodan's A-OK Starter Cubes include a pre-made planting hole which simply lets you place cuttings, seeds and so forth into the cubes for speedy, simple rooting and sprouting. Once roots develop you'll be able to simply separate the cubes and transplant the use of no matter what way you like. Packaged loose 50 cubes!
Loose cubes Nice for germination or cloning
Nice for hobby and commecial growers
Ideal for growers that are not looking for wasted cubes
Fast and simple to make use of. Grasp what you want and save the remainder.
Predrilled planting holes make seeding and plant propagation a breeze!


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