Ez-Clone Colored Cloning Collars Green (35/Bag)

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EZ-CLONE Cloning Collars are designed in particular for use within the EZ-CLONE Cloning System. They're product of a sterile subject matter and are engineered to give protection to and hold your cuttings upright within the lid, exposing the highest leaves to air and light-weight, whilst permitting the stems of your cuttings to be utterly unrestricted to the interior of the misting chamber. Currently, EZ-CLONE Cloning Collars are to be had in a brand new prime density Arduous subject matter in addition to the similar great Soft subject matter that we've got been the usage of for years.

EZ-CLONE Cloning Collars are to be had in 17, 35, 65 and 280 bulk packs. 

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