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Bud-XL has the original skill to extract sugars from the leaf of the plant and switch them to the fruit. The fruit is therefore made sweeter and its taster improved. Bud-XL additionally will increase the scale and robustness of the flower, leading to an build up in fruit production and a better yield. Bud-XL uses enzyme processes to extract sugars from the massive bracts to retailer them within the fruit or flower of the plant. Get started adding Bud-XL to the nutrient after the primary flowers are shaped. That is the length that the large bract loses its serve as. Through adding Bud-XL you be sure that the plants energy is not used for keeping the bract, however is directed to forming flowers and end result. Concurrently, Bud-XL extracts sugars from the bract and transports them to the fruit. Use at the side of Shooting Powder for very best results. ApplicationUse Bud-XL all through the flowering length of the expansion. Dosage: 3.8 ml per gallon of water.

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