Bluelab MONGUA Guardian Monitor for pH, Temperature, and Conductivity (TDS) Measurements in Water with Easy Calibration… Price: $273.55 (as of 13/11/2022 16:38 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

Large easy to read green LED displays
Selectable values for Conductivity and Temperature
Flashing high and low alarms

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In only one glance the Guardian Monitor measures all three crucial parameters to a success growth; pH, conductivity and temperature.

Seasonal changes, daylight hours, wind, inherent plant growth; from vegetative to fruiting; are all influencing factors to plant growth luck. More importantly...these parameters change the plants uptake and wish of water and specific nutrient elements. The Bluelab Guardian is a continuing indicator of the specified levels of EC, pH and temperature, enabling the grower to optimise these parameters because the crop progresses thru every growing section.

The Guardian gets rid of the complexity of ways every parameter depends on every other for exceptional growth.

Our leading edge monitor is a brand new approach to lend a hand guard the luck of your crops with immediate and accurate results.

A flashing display means that you can know if one parameter moves away from the proper, permitting you to make the specified adjustments briefly and effectively.
Large simple to read green LED presentations
Selectable values for Conductivity and Temperature
Flashing low and high alarms
Greater tolerance to RF/electronic interference supplied
Easy push button pH calibration


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