12 Outlet Hydroponic Irrigation Kit

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Precision waters up to 12 plants/pots
1/2 gph check valve drippers. Water stops when pressure is turned off
Connections included for PVC or Poly tube installations

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The KH001 is Cannabis Irrigation Provide's flagship irrigation kit, designed with the cannabis cultivator in thoughts. It's according to a 12-outlet manifold and employs high quality PC emitters with test valves to make sure your plants get essentially the most exact watering remedy conceivable. Water as much as 12 plants for simplest $30 with this kit, and take the trouble out of keeping your plants watered. This kit comprises: 1 - Empty 12 outlet manifold 12 - .5 GPH force compensating dripper with test valve 12 - 1/four" converter barbs 12 - 6" V stake for 1/four" microtube 1 - one hundred" of one/four" black microtube 1 - Strip of 8 rubber caps to near off unused retailers 1 - 1/2" riser X 6" lengthy 1 - 3/four" slip X 1/2" FPT X 3/four" slip tee 2 - 3/four" insert for three/four" slip PVC installing / connects .940 OD Poly Tube 1 - 1/2" slip X 1/2" FPT X 1/2" slip tee 2 - 1/2" insert for 1/2" slip PVC installing / connects .700 OD poly tube 1 - 3/four" FHT X 3/four" FPT swivel 1 - 3/four" MPT X 3/four" PVC slip installing 1 - 3/four" PVC slip X 1/2" PVC slip adapter - to be used with 1/2" PVC pipe simplest.
Precision waters as much as 12 plants/pots
1/2 gph test valve drippers. Water stops while force is grew to become off
Connections included for PVC or Poly tube installations
Designed for hydroponic, propagation or greenhouse use
Whole Kit, Simple to Expand


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