November 16, 2017

Why Do Marijuana Leaves Turn Yellow?

Cannabis growers know the most exciting part of what we do is experimenting and try different means to enhance cannabis plant yield. During the course, we provide nutrients and specific amounts of water. We wait with anticipation to see results.

Our biggest dismay is when everything turns out the opposite of expectations--the leaves start turning yellow. Instead of giving a better yield, its quality plummets.

What do we do? Let us first have a look at the reasons the leaves could probably turn yellow.


In soil or hydroponics ensure that the pH of the soil checks out. The common reason for a cannabis plant having difficulty absorbing nutrients from the soil is unbalanced pH. The acidic or basic soil deprives the plant of nutrients, and the leaves turn yellow. Purchase a reliable PH test kit to maintain the ideal balance.

Jellas Pocket Size pH Meter

This meter costs only $15.99-$16.99. Jellas Pocket Size pH Meter is the ideal little tool for home and laboratory uses; water, hydroponics, soil, and more. It is highly accurate for measuring a range of 0-14 pH. It boasts a 0.1 pH resolution. The measurement & pH results display simultaneously on the LCD. All readings are reliable and quick. All you need to do is remove the protective cap and immerse the pH meter electrode into the solution. Then, turn the meter on with the switch. It beats the heck out of trying to see the colors of a litmus strip. The slim body unit is easy to store, and easy to carry with the pocket clip on the back of the meter. It also comes with a carry case for easy carry or and storage.

Nutrient deficiencies

If the plant is deficient in nitrogen, the lower leaves turn yellow while the new upper leaves look healthy. What usually happens is that the fresh leaves absorb more nitrogen to grow, and steal it from the older leaves. If you see this, you might want to consider changing the fertilizer. Here’s a look at the replacement combos available to give your plant the required quantity of nutrients.

Voodoo Juice

This voodoo sauce develops bigger root systems to toughen the demands of high producing crops. Voodoo Juice isn’t technically fertilizer; it is a proprietary blend of laboratory-bred super bacteria that toughen the health of the plant and the growing medium by colonizing. Growers increase root systems for better nutrient uptake (including nitrogen), growing healthier plants with fewer cropping problems.

Big Bud

Big bud improves the weight, density, and quality of flowers and fruits. Apply it during the peak flowering phase. The right ratio of phosphorus to potassium with the help of L-amino complex ensures that abruptly developing blooms and fruits swell to their full size with added density. Big Bud also promotes better taste, smell, and yield.


In order to stop the environmental stresses from reducing crop gains, B-52 provides an entire balance of vitamins and growth cofactors.  The multiple strains vitamin B present assist plants in the process of filtering water and nutrients without exhausting the plant. The ingredients in B-52 stimulate bigger root systems and assist to nourish a good and healthy plant.


Overdrive fulfills the need to reach maximum fruit swell and blossom girth within the later flowering phase. It supplies ripening plants with the correct nutritional balance of phosphates, potassium, vitamins and other necessary cofactors. Plants near maturity make their biggest weight gains within the final weeks, and overdrive helps to amplify and extend this natural process for bigger yields. The appropriate blend brightens the color, intensifies fragrances and flavors and very importantly concentrates oil contents in flowers and fruits harvested.


If you decide to add more water to the plant with an expectation that it will grow faster, you are likely just suffocating your plant. Adding an excessive amount of water will only cause breathing issues to the roots. Thus, roots cannot properly absorb the nutrients. This ultimately turns its leaves yellow in color. The over flooding problem can be solved by using drip irrigation. Instead of flooding your plant with jars of water, make pin sized holes and provide water drop by drop in controlled amounts over a more extended period of time.

Flora Flex 760400

This device helps maintain the water feed of your plant at just $20.99. Place the 9-12 inch round flood & drip shield on top of your plant, and you instantly gain control over your feeding plan. This product is the perfect base tool for a top feeder or someone who enjoys the benefits of a drip system and likes the results of a top feed. In addition to curing over-flooding, the Flora Flex eliminates algae and pesticides by covering the media.

Attack of insects

Marijuana is not just a delectable treat for us; it is prey to all plant-consuming creatures. Unfortunately, cannabis is also more prone to insects than other plants. As these insects start feasting on the plant, the leaves change color from green to yellow. At times, it may also turn the leaves bronze.

Pests are very difficult to clear up as the leaves are most probably going to die rather than recover. In order to prevent bugs, start treating your plant for these types of insects in advance. Remember that even when your plant looks healthy, they may already carry insect eggs. So, spray your plants with the treatment before you go to bed, and call it a day.

These are the four primary reasons why your cannabis plant may turn yellow. When you look closer, you can often discover the culprit and correct it to recover yield. However, yellow leaves are usually a symptom of a more significant issue. When left untreated, they cause a great deal of damage to your return.

How can we ensure that our cannabis in a healthy condition and all efforts of growing it do not end up in vain? Pay attention to the signs of our dear plants, and give them exactly what they need. Guaranteed they will return the love.


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