December 25, 2017

Big Grow Tents for the High Yield Grower

Are you looking to yield tons in a large space? If so, you'll need a big tent to enclose your mini-environment for cannabis. Let's start with the sizing... when we think BIG grow tent, we think you want at least the size of a large garage, perhaps a full bedroom or living room size. That puts you in the market for a large 5 x 9 ft Gorilla grow tent, or perhaps two 5 x 5 Apollo tents. It's really a tossup, the Apollo's are slightly less thick tent canvas on doors etc, as well as lighter poles/structure, but still all seem very study, compared to the Gorilla tents, which are better in almost every aspect, except of course price.

Gorilla Grow Tent | Complete Heavy-Duty 1680D Reflective Hydroponic Grow 5-Foot by 9-Foot Tent for Growing Indoor Plants…
  • 100% metal interlocking, sturdy frame & connectors
  • Free 12″ height extension kit
  • 1680D heavy duty canvas
  • Infrared blocking roof insertion
  • Convenient access tool pouch

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The Gorilla tents are virtually lightproof and depending on your ventilation/fan setup, you can really have a smell proof tent with minimal leakage. The 6 x 10 with height extension Gorilla Grow tent is likely the biggest grow tent available. You can see our other grow tent sizes here, and learn about short grow tents here.


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