The Best 5 Gallon Bucket Hydro Grow System

5 gallon dwc grow bucket kitIf you’re looking for a high quality and quick no bs hydro grow bucket setup, look no further than Amazon. They have an affordable kit with great reviews that we’ve previously used with for a grow with some great yield.

Why a 5 gallon grow bucket?

It’s the perfect size for the plant to grow a fat root base as well as keep sufficient amount of water bubbling away.

What is DWC?

Deep water culture. These grow buckets

Why this grow bucket kit?

As a key component of your kit, you’ll only need your light, tent, seeds, and should be able to go!

What if I have a large tent and want more than 1 bucket?

You’re going to have a great time! Check out this 6 Grow Bucket Kit here.

6 bucket 5 gallon grow bucket dwc kit

Why do some people call them spacebuckets?

Spacebuckets are generally aimed at the DIY hack-it-together with minimal cost and little ufo light setup. They are not often DWC and often very unique in design.

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