The Best Grow Tent Guide Ever – Grow Tent Essentials

Congratulations, you just found the best grow tent guide on the internet. We'll be your friend on this journey of growth and discovery, and hopefully help reduce your growing mistakes and questions! Join us below for the essential grow tent info... Grow Tent Buying Guide When shopping for a grow tent, you have to keep in mind a few items. This first is your budget, the second is your height, and the third is your width. Your best bet is likely to figure out your…

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Ultimate Guide to Watering Cannabis the Right Way

Watering your plant is undeniably a crucial part of the growing process. You care for your plant like you would care your baby. When you want to nurture it perfectly, everything you provide it should be perfect, even the amount of water! Smart grow tents presents the ultimate guide to everything you need to know to water your cannabis the right way. How much water does cannabis plant need? When you water your cannabis make sure you have some runoff water after your pot is…

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Essentials for Making Your Grow Tent Smell Proof

If you're looking to hide your hobby from the nosy neighbors, we can help. With proper pressure, ventilation, and tent, you can have a stealth smell proof grow that even hides the most pungent strains during flowering.   Let's start with the Best Grow Tent Pressure Every grow tent should have negative pressure. This basically means your tent should have more air going out than coming in, creating a vacuum of sorts. A properly pressured and ventilated tent will have the fabric and doors etc suck…

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The Ultimate Guide to Managing the Humidity Levels of Your Grow Tent

Humidity. It sucks. It's wet. It's dry. It's air. It can be difficult to manage the humidity levels of an indoor grow tent for cannabis. It's essential that your humidity stay in the following ranges: Clones/Teens: 70-80% Vegetation: 40-70% Flowering: 40-50% Final Weeks: <40% So, the question is, how do you manage your humidity, particularly in very humid or very dry climates of the world? The answer is of course a dehumidifier for the flowering and final weeks before harvest, but often we see growers…

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