Adding CO2 to Your Cannabis Grow Room the Right Way

If you're looking to increase your yields via the addition of carbon dioxide, the best way to integrate into your grow tent includes a variety of proven strategies. Let's start first with the easy and most cost efficient, CO2 tanks. You can buy a 20 lb tank that will last you a few cycles for only ~$150. Some growers swear by co2 tanks as the most cost efficient, and we recommend using it with a co2 controller/regulator. Next, you can also try two other options.…

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What is the best grow tent ventilation setup?

Proper air circulation and ventilation in your grow tent is imperative to a high yield grow. Let's look at the science behind proper ventilation: Plants, such as cannabis, need a supply of carbon dioxide to properly thrive. If new air is not brought into/pumped out of your tent, then your supply of carbon dioxide may be reduced, harming plant growth Stale air, or air that is not moving, can help mold, mildew, and other dangerous contaminants thrive. This is bad. Don't let this happen. Powdery…

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