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What are the most popular & best grow tent sizes?

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Are you looking for the most popular and best grow tent sizes? We've selected the very best grow tents from the best manufacturers. These amazing grow tents are each very popular for each specific need and goal. One should always remember that tent size is significantly important for plant yield. Likewise, your tent size contributes to a proportion of how you should expect your results. The main contributors to plant yield are lighting, temperature, feeding, environment but these factors are also dependent on tent size.…

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Can you put a grow tent outside?

Yes, you certainly can put a grow tent outside! Maybe you don't have the ability to grow indoors, but perhaps you can grow in a wooded area on your property.  Here are some quick tips if you're going to grow cannabis or hemp (or even veggies): Use a durable, high quality tent, or if you use a cheaper tent with lower quality canvas, then be sure to reinforce it with duct tape or similar Ensure your tent is secured down with stakes or some sort…

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Can your grow tent catch fire?

You're not alone if you're worried about the possibility of a fire in your grow tent. You basically have all the ingredients for a random fire... a high temp light (unless you're using LED - Light Emitting Diode - even my LEC - Light Emitting Ceramic is not too hot, but likely could start a fire, I bet even an LED could, but much less likely), usually some dry material (leaves, cloth, the tent itself), and electricity. It's all a dangerous mix if not carefully…

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Cannabis Growing Automation Tools for 2018

Are you an advanced grower, or simply a data nerd looking to have the latest and greatest automation tools for growing? Then you'll enjoy this article, where we layout the best cannabis growing automation kits and tools for 2018 and beyond. The following devices use microprocessors, algorithms, machine learning, monitoring sensors, and other super cool stuff to nerd out about. Let's get started! 1. Wadsworth Control Systems for Cannabis Grows Website: Products: Seed Greenhouse Control VeriSTEP: Meet the brains behind your operation. Built to…

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The Best Grow Tent Guide Ever – Grow Tent Essentials

Congratulations, you just found the best grow tent guide on the internet. We'll be your friend on this journey of growth and discovery, and hopefully help reduce your growing mistakes and questions! Join us below for the essential grow tent info... Grow Tent Buying Guide When shopping for a grow tent, you have to keep in mind a few items. This first is your budget, the second is your height, and the third is your width. Your best bet is likely to figure out your…

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Big Grow Tents for the High Yield Grower

Are you looking to yield tons in a large space? If so, you'll need a big tent to enclose your mini-environment for cannabis. Let's start with the sizing... when we think BIG grow tent, we think you want at least the size of a large garage, perhaps a full bedroom or living room size. That puts you in the market for a large 5 x 9 ft Gorilla grow tent, or perhaps two 5 x 5 Apollo tents. It's really a tossup, the Apollo's are…

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